Christine Phyathep

Christine Phyathep, MPH

New York University School of Global Public Health
Global Health
Bacterial Special Pathogen Branch (BSPB) Atlanta, Georgia

How have you contributed to one of CDC’s priorities through your ASPPH/CDC Fellowship assignment? Explain what you have done that has “made a difference” at CDC and benefitted public health in the United States.

When I first came on with Bacterial Special Pathogen Branch (BSPB), my team worked on a melioidosis outbreak in the United States. Melioidosis is a tierone select agent. The team found that the melioidosis was linked to a Walmart brand home spray during the epidemiology investigation. There was a massive recall and communication that needed to go out to the community. I got to write and edit some of the risk communication that would be sent out to the public. Additionally, I provided oral and written communication on best practices that came in from healthcare providers, state/local health departments, and the public regarding anthrax, brucellosis, leptospirosis, melioidosis, and Hansen’s disease.

How will your fellowship experience shape your career?

This fellowship has helped me gain more professional knowledge and valuable work experience. I got to work on challenging tasks and applied the knowledge I gained from my MPH program. Working the Bacterial Special Pathogen Branch (BSPB) epidemiology team, I have gained deep knowledge of public health policy, learned how to design public health studies, and improved my oral and communication skills to communicate ideas and methods clearly and succinctly.

Describe specifically some of the relationships/partnerships you have built through the fellowship and how those relationships have helped/will help you in your career.

My fellowship with Bacterial Special Pathogen Branch (BSPB) allowed me to meet some fantastic people around the globe who are already improving public health. I have met many colleagues from different countries who have dedicated lives to improving public health domestically and abroad. Additionally, I have met people who are high up in governmental organizations. These relationships are great connections for the future as I started this lifelong journey as a public health professional.