ASPPH Announces New Leadership Appointments

ASPPH is thrilled to announce the following new appointments to our chief leadership team.


​​​​​​Linda Alexander has been appointed chief academic officer. With a leadership style and philosophy that supports a climate of inclusion, a sense ofbelonging and well-being, and one that promotes principles of transformative and servant leadership, Alexander will lead and facilitate initiatives that emerge from the ASPPH Strategic Plan 2030. As chief academic officer, Alexander will oversee a range of areas, including, pathways to public health; educational models and programs; leadership, faculty, and staff professional development within member institutions; and the advancement of DEIJ initiatives. She will supervise collection, analytics, reporting, and governance of data to advance evidence-based decision making in academic public health. Alexander will guide the implementation of action steps to eliminate cultural and structural racism in academic public health, as well as advance the recommendations of Framing the Future 2030 and the Climate Change and Health Framework. Additionally, in this role, she will enhance educational excellence to prepare and strengthen the public health workforce. Alexander’s appointment will begin April 1, 2022.


Serving as chief external relations and advocacy officer is Tim Leshan. With a passion to improve public health through advocacy and public policy,Leshan will drive the integration and advancement of ASPPH’s advocacy, strategic communications, external relations, and development initiatives and will promote the use of research and science to advance public policy in public health priority issues. Leshan’s proactive, relationship driven approach to engaging with agency leaders and facilitating faculty interactions both with federal research programs and on Capitol Hill, will serve him well as a key Association leader focused on expanding ASPPH’s significant external presence while leading efforts to affect regulatory, legislative, and other policy issues that directly impact member schools, programs, faculty, and staff. Leshan’s appointment is effective January 15, 2022.



Linda Taliaferro will serve as chief operating officer. With years of experience that spans the breadth and depth of non-profit management, includingstrategic planning, association governance, operations, budgeting, finance, and staff and leadership development, Taliaferro will lead an ambitious effort to advance ASPPH’s visionary 2030 Strategic Framework with 35 employees and over 135 member institutions. Taliaferro will lead ASPPH’s governance affairs, including managing relations with the Board of Directors and advisory groups, while advancing membership recruitment, engagements, networking opportunities, services, and member benefits. Taliaferro will also oversee grants, fundraising, finance, human resources, and the day-to-day business processes and operations of the Association and will work to build a healthy, inclusive, and collaborative culture. Taliaferro’s first day will be January 15, 2022.


All three appointments bring impressive professional experience and personal vision to ASPPH, and we look forward to their contributions to advancing our Strategic Framework 2030. Welcome to Linda Alexander, Tim Leshan, and Linda Taliaferro!