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The Global Network for Academic Public Health (Global Network) enhances academic public health worldwide through mutual learning and collaborations between academic public health institutions globally in order to improve and protect the health of people and the planet.

The Global Network convenes leaders from around the world to share, learn, collaborate, and act to advance academic public health. It addresses issues of global concern related to academic public health and provides a venue to strengthen relationships among Network members. Specifically, the Global Network seeks to enrich the conversation and action of its members through multicultural, multinational, and multilateral engagements and partnerships.


Global Network Endorses ASPHER Statement Condemning War in Ukraine

The Global Network for Academic Public Health endorses ASPHER’S statement on the war against Ukraine. We strongly agree with their condemnation of the military action against Ukraine, and express our concern about the impact of the war on the health and wellbeing of the Ukrainian people and all those affected. We call for an end to this war, which infringes upon the public health profession’s deeply held principles of human rights and social justice. Peace is Public Health.


Global Governance for Health

In October 2021, the Global Network released Global governance for improved human, animal, and planetary health: the essential role of schools and programs of public health, in advance of the World Health Assembly’s November meeting on pandemic preparedness. The paper outlines the the following:

  • Key roles of schools and programs of public health in responding to the current pandemic
  • Suggests additional skills that the public health workforce needs
  • Lays out the requirements essential for better global governance for health and better response to future pandemics

We call for substantial investment in public health education, training, and research, particularly through schools and programs of public health worldwide as leaders in these areas.


Waive Vaccine Intellectual Property Rights Now

In November 2021, the Global Network released a statement in support of waiving intellectual property rights related to COVID-19 vaccines in order to increase global vaccine equity. Making vaccines accessible to populations in low and middle-income countries is essential to address the current pandemic. Read the statement.

This is Public Health Global Grants

The Global Network, with the support of Dr. Richard and Mrs. Linda Riegelman, is excited to to announce the This Is Public Health Global Grant Program Awardees. The 20 awardee institutions represent 18 countries from around the world and their projects focus on a range of public health issues from antibiotic resistance to mental health to water and sanitation hygiene. Congratulations to all of the TIPH Global Grant Program Awardees!

Masstricht University students from the Governance and Leadership in European Public Health master’s program explain what public health is about in this video produced with support from ASPHER and ASPPH.

A health education education project on COVID-19 for school aged-children, developed by the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele in collaboration with the Italian National Institute of Health with support from scientific societies, including EUPHA and ASPHER.

Global Ambassadors

"The biggest challenge facing Public Health today is the increase in misinformation and inadequate information regarding some Public Health issues as the public seems to believe that most Public Health issues are politicised. Health professionals and media houses are gradually losing the trust of the public as a result of the way health issues and interventions are being handled."

  • Blessed Chetachi Egbuchulam
  • MPH, Environmental Health Sciences, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

My decision to study public health was inspired by the possibility of make changes improving health status on the population, impacting a lot of people and not only at individual level. I observed this working as a general practitioner (2015-2019) in Iquique, a city in the north of Chile and my birthplace, where Tuberculosis (TB) incidence rate is the highest of the country. Working in the local TB program I understood that individual measures were not enough to stop disease transmission. That issue extended in my mind to many other health problems and pushed me to study public health.

  • Jorge E Vilches
  • MD, Public Health, School of Public Health at the University of Chile

In my opinion, the climate crisis is the biggest challenge facing public health. The climate crisis impacts our health. The heat, extreme weather, access to safe water and food, air pollution, and vector-borne disease are the pathways through which climate impacts our health. The health risks posed by the climate crisis already harm marginalized groups including people with disabilities, people with low-income and the climate crisis is likely to deepen those disparities. Beside that, nowadays people choose to get health information by the internet, so health topics become the target of misinformation. Misinformation about health will affect the people to prevent from seeking the care, making wrong decisions/treatment and also linked to violence, mistrust, and social disturbances.

  • Vina Himmatus Sholikhah
  • BS, Public Health, Airlangga University- Faculty of Public Health

To me, health is a basic human right and public health is a dynamic field of study which aims to improve health and well-being of the population. It emphasizes on prevention and education, often with a balance between individual liberty and collective welfare. Public health interventions are organized measures, which constantly strive for health equity by closing the gaps in healthcare access. In short, for me, public health means “nobody gets left outside”.

  • Su Pei Khoo
  • MA, Medical Science, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

This is Public Health Global Grants

The Global Network is primarily an alliance of the regional associations that represent schools and programs of public health around the world. Schools and programs of public health that are members of these associations have access to the benefits of this Network.

Regional Associations: