Our advocacy efforts influence public policy decisions that impact member schools and programs and their faculty and students. We provide timely information about Federal legislative and regulatory developments to the leaders of academic public health to better inform their operational and investment decisions.

Take Action

ASPPH takes stands on policy matters related to academic public health and we enable our members to be actively engaged at all levels of government.


Advocacy Approach

ASPPH has a detailed advocacy strategy that is updated each year in consolation with the Advocacy Committee and the Board on behalf of our members.


Policy Statements & Recommendations

Here you will find ASPPH’s yearly policy and funding recommendations to federal agencies, Congress, and global organizations.



We provide resources to our members to assist them with their engagement with policy makers.

As the leading voice in academic public health, ASPPH takes a proactive, results focus to advocacy and policy. We set a yearly policy agenda and work to make a tangible impact on behalf of our members and public health.

2022-2023 Priorities

ASPPH takes stands on policy matters related to academic public health and we enable our members to be actively engaged at all levels of government.

Research Funding

Research Funding

We advocate for increased federal research funding for basic and applied public health research.

  • CDC Prevention Research Centers
  • CDC Injury Control Research Centers
  • CDC NIOSH Education & Research Centers
  • Target NIH ICs aligned with ASPPH strategic plan: Fogarty Internal Center, NIMHD, NIEHS, NIH UNITE
  • AHRQ programs

Education Training & Workforce Development

Education Training & Workforce Development

Enhance support for public health education, training, and workforce development programs through appropriations and authorizing vehicles

  • HRSA Public Health Training Centers
  • Public Health Workforce Loan Repayment Program
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Academic Public Health Partnerships

Academic Public Health Partnerships

ASPPH works closely with federal partners and other stakeholders to advocate for our members and the future public health workforce. We value collaboration with like-minded organizations to promote policymaking and opportunities for academic public health, as well as the broader public health community.

Advocacy Team

Tim Leshan leads public relations and advocacy for ASPPH. This includes both internal and external communications, advocacy for academic public health, as well as global affairs and fundraising.

Tim Leshan, MPA

Chief External Relations & Advocacy Officer

Beeta Rasouli drives advocacy initiatives for ASPPH. She promotes federal policies that support the academic public health community. Beeta also serves as a congressional liaison for ASPPH and its members.

Beeta Rasouli, MPH

Director of Advocacy & Federal Affairs


Champion Academic Public Health in Washington

ASPPH’s advocacy team proactively affects public policy decisions that impact member schools and programs, as well as their faculty and students. These include increasing federal government support for public health education, research, workforce training, and emergency services.


Serve as Trusted Advisors

Working with our Board and Advocacy Committee, ASPPH creates opportunities for members to advise federal agencies and Congress on matters related to academic public health.


Inform our Members

One of the benefits of ASPPH membership is our weekly Advocacy and Policy Newsletter sent every Monday morning. It includes the Public Health issues that were in the past week’s news that you need to be aware of.


The Pressroom provides the latest news from ASPPH for our members, the press and policy makers and serves as a resource center. Informing and impacting the broader conversation on health, diversity, inclusion, and social justice.